About us

In 1996, Preparation Contractors was established to service the coating, waterproofing and roof cleaning industries, with a view to providing a sound preparation of all types of surfaces in the building and construction industries for the application of waterproofing and paint coatings.

Due to the large volume of asbestos products used in South Africa, we soon found that the servicing and removal of asbestos related products became an integral part of our business. With the advent of new legislation, and the tightening up of existing asbestos regulations, we found a new area of expertise into which to expand. We also became acutely aware of the dangers involved with the handling of asbestos containing products.

This inspired us to investigate safer techniques for removing damaged asbestos products and cleaning asbestos surfaces without contaminating workmen or the surrounding environment. Focus Asbestos Removal Services was established to specialise in the safe removal and treatment of all types of asbestos.

Company Positioning

We are ideally positioned to assist our clients in making the most cost effective and informed decisions with regards to all aspects of asbestos control and management.

Mission Statement

To become the professional choice for asbestos abatement in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa. Maximising the knowledge of our workforce as well as the safe, cost effective and professional execution of our projects.


The six guiding principles are wisely and continuously shared with our work force:

  1. Total Commitment to Safety
    We believe in the statement “safety is the only option” and we will strive to ensure and maintain the safety of all involved in any project.
  2. Integrity and Honesty
  3. Drive
  4. Tenacity
  5. and finally treating everybody with dignity and respect


Customer Value Proposition

“safety is the only option”